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Healthcare organizations are faced with mounting regulations, data overload, and the need to support both administrative efficiency and improve patient care. e-TechServices helps healthcare find solutions that provide 24/7 reliability, streamlined data compression to free up space and reduce the need to invest in additional capacity, and powerful analytics to accelerate reporting and improve clinical decision-making.


  • Cost-effective solutions to manage growing storage requirements
  • Save on power and cooling costs
  • Virtualize and archive backups and records
  • Dramatically improve backup and system recovery time,
  • Scale up within the existing footprint rather than having to undertake a major—and costly—scale-out exercise
  • Take advantage of leading-edge analytics capabilities.


For education providers across every level, technology must support both administrative efficiency and an exceptional student experience. When the right solution is in place, educators can achieve increases in students’ learning and development, driving student retention and overall graduation rates. IT departments can also recover costs by automating and integrating previously manual processes and disconnected systems that can hamper management and planning.


  • Improve teaching effectiveness and learning outcomes
  • Accelerate research discovery and innovation capabilities
  • Maximize your institution’s operational effectiveness
  • Optimize use of space, reduce costs and better plan for future growth
  • Evaluate institutional risks and develop appropriate response strategies to improve operational readiness

Financial Services

In the financial sector, whether its traditional hometown banking, investments or insurance groups, all organizations needs fast IT infrastructure that can keep up with customer levels of engagement across multiple platforms, high speed transactions, and deadlines for large quantities of data. System response times, reliability, and scalability are critical to the success of your organization, and can mean millions in lost profit.

e-TechServices helps financial industry clients find their ideal storage solution that can decrease response times, provide the lowest latency available, compress data to reduce operational investments, and deliver virtualization of legacy systems.


  • Complete more transactions
  • Increase Revenues
  • Extreme performance for increasing workloads
  • Cost effective storage footprint
  • Data protection on multiple levels
  • High availability storage provisioning, data copy services on a virtualized system


Goverment agencies need proven strategies and technology solutions to improve efficiency and enhance their communities. e-TechServices can help organizations to leverage new technologies to support public infrastructure, ensure safety and security regulations, support individual department challenges, optimize space utilization, reduce energy usage, and improve the overall efficiency of your operations.


  • Generate savings while improving the efficiency of business processes.
  • Reduce energy related expenditures and consumption
  • Reduce overall costs of IT ownership
  • Maximize resource utilization
  • Improve citizens’ experiences
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