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e-TechServices is an experienced, trusted solution provider with over 17 years of experience helping organizations evaluate, design and implement IT technology solutions that deliver performance, reliability, and innovation.

When our team is on-site with you, our specialists handle the rack and stack of physical machines, cabling requirements, initial setup, firmware downloads, upgrades, configurations, OS installations, hands-on skills transfers and training.

Our team will work with you to quickly and efficiently implement your new project, so you can get back to work.

IBM Certified Specialist and Technical Experts in:

  • Certified Advanced Technical Expert — pSeries and AIX
  • x86 Certified Technical Expert
  • XIV Storage System Technical Solutions
  • Power Systems Technical Support
  • Certified Deployment Professional – TotalStorage Productivity
  • Advanced Technical Expert
  • System Storage expert (SAN, NAS, SONAS)
  • IBM TotalStorage Networking and Virtualization Architecture
  • Enterprise Disk Solutions expert
  • Open Systems Storage Solutions
  • AIX Technical expert
  • TSM Technical expert
  • AIX System Administration

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