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Most organizations are facing extreme amounts of data and need help devising strategies that reduce complexity and manage high operating costs. The sheer multitude of data copies needed on a day to day basis means IT administrations without a data management solution in place are overburdened with data duplication, redundant protection systems and lack the time to deploy and access information when needed.

Data management tools will help you manage data across multiple workloads, while reducing administration, storage, development and server costs. e-TechServices works with clients to identify their exact need and plan appropriately to manage future growth.

  • Copy Data Services: Access data copies while maximizing workflow and managing application environments critical to backup, replication and data migration. Automate data life-cycles and improve resource management.
  • Data Protection: Ensure your organization has backup, replication and recovery solutions in place that reduce system downtime , minimize disruptions, and increase rapid, flexible restoration.
  • Storage Efficiency & Scalability: Increase storage space through compression, reduplication and thin-provisioning solutions. Support access to data on demand through a software defined storage solution that unifies systems and leverages best practices to support data on demand, utilizing higher performance servers only when needed.
  • Cloud and Object Storage: Unstructured data can be efficiently archived and easily accessed when needed, without taking needed time and resources from business critical applications.
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