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Executive Team

Marc Spindler, Co-Founder and CEO

Mr. Spindler is co-founder and CEO. In the nineties, he spent many years working in Atlanta for the Dolphin Networks (Network Integrator) and Dickens Data (Systems Integrator) before founding the company in 1998.

Now, he applies his broad range of network and systems knowledge in pre-sales activities including project development, system configurations and total Solutions.

Mario Ariet, Co-Founder, President, & COO

Before starting e-TechServices Mario was in the medical field as medical doctor and later became a professional money manager on Wall Street. His past experiences give him unique insight into business information technology requirements and how to deliver those resources to end users.

For the past fourteen years Mario has taken his vast knowledge across multiple fields and utilized it to build and run e-Tech dynamically in the rapidly changing IT business.

Javier Suarez, Senior Systems Engineer

Javier Suarez is e-TechServices Lead Systems Engineer. He has over 10 years experience with Linux and Unix System Administration and SAN/NAS Storage Administration. He is also considered the go to expert for Tivoli Service Manager and is skilled in the design and implementation of disaster recovery solutions.

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